James Van Der Beek Presents 'James Van Der Memes'If you grew up in the late '90s, chances are you were fairly acquainted with James Van Der Beek. But now instead of re-watching the first season of 'Dawson's Creek' on Netflix in your Snuggie, you can download a five-second long Van Der Beek clip to have forever.

Van Der Beek created a website for us to download all of those great Van Der-motions from 'Varsity Blues' and 'The Rules of Attraction.' There are so many great ones: his trademark nostalgic glance, his beloved awkward stare and bonus facial expressions like the "Lilo Eye Roll."

So whenever you're lurking on the message boards and need to express something, go to Van Der Beek for guidance. Click through to see Van Der Beek's tutorial on how to use his Van Der Memes on Funny or Die.