Kanye WestLast week, right before New Year's Eve, Kanye West gave the world its 2010 sendoff when an unfinished version of the video to his song 'Monster' leaked. In line with the titular theme, the video amounts to a short horror film complete with dangling female corpses and severed heads and arms.

But as The Village Voice noted, a series of similar images had already been used by Dr. Dog in 2008 for their song 'The Ark.' That video, directed by Adam Kurland, was featured on West's blog two years ago. The rapper posted stills from the video under the subject 'Beautiful.'

When reached for comment, Kurland was diplomatic. "I agree there are some obvious visual similarities," said the director in an e-mail to PopEater. "But these are two very distinctly different videos with different tones and messages. Perhaps Dr. Dog inspired moments in the video, but I could not say this conclusively either way."