Kelly Osbourne and Rob DamianiAfter a long funk from breaking up with Luke Worrall last summer, Kelly Osbourne appears to have found a new man: British musician Rob Damiani. The two met in England while she was hanging out at a club, and Damiani, lead vocalist for the band Don Broco, started chatting her up.

"Kelly was basically in a state of depression at the beginning of the Christmas season but went out one night over the holiday break and met a new guy who really turned her around," a source tells PopEater. "She is now back to being her usual outgoing self."

According to several reports, Osbourne was interested in the studious-looking rocker from the very beginning of their conversation.

"He seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her, and this brought her out of her shell," the source continues. "They are sort of both rolling into fame and are on the same track."