Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi stopped by the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Wednesday to talk New Year's resolutions, demonstrating some of her not-so-rigorous exercises for Ellen while playing with the oversize exercise balls the comedian provided. "These are some big balls," she said with that Snooki charm we know all too well. But the 'Jersey Shore' star says she's committed to getting in shape, hoping to reclaim the body of her high school cheerleader days, a time, she claims, saw her body more ripped than The Situation's.

Known for her partying ways, Ellen couldn't help but ask what, exactly, Snooki was trying to achieve with her workout regimen. "Not health, obviously, because of the drinking," she chided.

"Oh, no, actually I've calmed down on my drinking," said Snooki. "I only drank a lot because it was New Year's."

Referring to her ball drop moment (originally she was supposed to descend inside a ball in Times Square, but was relegated -- fittingly -- to the Jersey Shore the last minute), where she sipped on her alcoholic beverage of choice from a red plastic party cup, the guidette cut loose with her 'Shore' castmates for the special night, and fans would have expected nothing less.