Last year was a great one for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. By "great," we mean crazy, dangerous, filled with travel and adventure, and, of course, full of amazing photos of our favorite celebs. "When I think back to 2010, I am happy to have survived it. That was a year full of madness, adventure and chaos. I am glad I made it out alive," Shields says. Alive was a good result for this photographer, who is known to put his life and the lives of his models on the line to get the perfect shot.

Shields made quite a name for himself this year by taking Lindsay Lohan's scandalous 'Inferno' photos, the bloodier-than-bloody pics of 'Machete' star Danny Trejo and getting a Backstreet Boy to cause trouble in a Halo suit. We can only hope 2011 delivers the similar, if not crazier, results. Check out a compilation video from Shield's 2010 shoots as well as some previously unseen photos after the jump.