When she's not posting photos of herself giving the finger, Courtney Love is using Twitter as a platform for slander -- and getting the book thrown at her for it. Of course, we wouldn't expect anything else from the hot mess, who seems to save her tweeting time for incoherently stringing together words ("month, mother of pearl, and thin thin buttons"), showing complete ignorance of our Eastern European friends ("how do i get in so much dumb assed trouble when im in the 'estern bloc' or whatever? they do have Kerastase shampoo here btw") or rage-filled wringing out of some very dirty family laundry ("youve done a dammed good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive").

Other less than brilliant celebs use their tweets to provide a stream of shameless entertainment for our viewing pleasure. But Courtney? Trying to decipher the language of Love just gives us a headache.