BAHHNN! Ranking the Best 'Inception' Mash-Up Viral VideosChristopher Nolan's 'Inception' seems likely to score a Best Picture Oscar nomination this year, but his trailer for the film alone created a YouTube movement in 2010. It all began with a single musical note: "BAHHHNN!" Copycat mashup trailers caught fire over the summer, and there's still no end in sight. This trend sees at least two new 'Inception' mashup trailers surface weekly, including today's 'Eternal Inception of the Spotless Mind' -- it's only a matter of time before 'Little Fockers' gets the treatment.

Not every single one is a keeper, however, and they all tend to blur together -- except for the most ironic ones like, say, the 'Peter Pan' mashup. Theoretically, any movie or TV show could be made into an 'Inception' trailer, even 'Jersey Shore.' Gasp!

There's so many to pick from, but only a few can make our list of favorites. Some of them might surprise you.

'Dora the Explorer'
Electric Spoofalo went above and beyond by editing their own version of the 'Inception' music and hiring actors, including a ridiculously adorable Dora impersonator. Never has a Christopher Nolan movie seemed so cute.