Kendra's Father-in-Law Says Divorce Rumors Are 'Crap'Despite E! TV personality Kendra Wilkinson's recent physical separation from her husband, NFL player Hank Baskett, with her return to LA, Baskett's father says any divorce rumors are "a bunch of crap." reports sources close to the couple, including Kendra's mother, have also shot down rumors of any true marital break.

"The marriage is fine, and they came to the decision together that they'd be both better off with him concentrating on his career and she could concentrate on her career here in LA," mother Patti Wilkinson told Radar recently.

A source close to Kendra similarly reassured PopEater in November 2010, saying: "Kendra has been an amazing wife and mom, but she had to make a real adjustment in her life and career last year to live in Indianapolis when Hank signed with the Colts. Now, he is with Minnesota, which is so cold, remote and far away from LA. She had to make a decision despite having disagreements with Hank about it."