The new year is barely underway, so the title 'Cutest Duet of 2011' is not the strongest accolade. But with one viewing, this acoustic music video will probably stay on your mind for months. For now, it's quickly going viral with 1.2 million hits -- and counting -- on YouTube.

It's chill enough to be cool, and just cute enough to make you think of how excellent life would be if we could all stay up late every night in our snowman jammies and jam.

Check out San Diego single dad Jorge Narvaez ("just a father of two working my way through college") and his sleepy daughter Alexa (who warbles right through her yawn near the end), as they cover 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. And listen closely when Dad starts whistling, as Alexa impulsively reminds herself that she'll be able to whistle someday, too!