The Princess Diaries, The Prince and Me, The Princess Bride -- the public just can't get enough of sweeping, melodramatic fairytales. Thank goodness there are real-life royals around to satiate our palates for regal romances. Not since the world's obsession with the epitome of style and grace that was the late Princess Diana and her marriage to Prince Charles have we had a royal love story to mesmerize us. This one began once upon a time amid the humble backdrop of the campus at the University of St. Andrews in 2001.

The couple's meeting couldn't have been scripted better: When Kate Middleton first met Prince William, she (who was a year ahead of William) made a gesture resembling an awkward half-curtsy. William, who had been attempting to play down his royal status and fit in with the rest of his classmates, was taken so off-guard that he spilled his drink all over himself. Not quite the etiquette you expect from a royal heir, but Kate was intrigued by William's unpretentious demeanor.

The two were fast friends and ran in similar social circles but had no idea that a whirlwind royal romance was in the cards -- Kate was already involved with someone, and William wasn't looking for a serious relationship. But things would change at a St. Andrews fundraising fashion show. Kate was asked to model a $45 Charlotte Todd sheer, strapless dress. William made sure to nab a $200 front-row seat to cheer on his friend. But "sheer" was an understatement, and Kate strutted down the runway in a completely see-through number clearly exposing her sexy black underwear, bra and toned body.