Not since Justin Timberlake shimmied on 'Saturday Night Live' as one of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' dancers has a guest host made skintight black spandex so goofy. Enter Jim Carrey, stage right, all limbered up for a silly send-up of the intense Natalie Portman ballet drama 'Black Swan.'

You know a serious diva of the dance is in the studio because of the swan wings tattooed on his back (wait, are those buffalo wings?). And he means business, hissing at his rival, Nina, like a crazed Canadian goose. Carrey, looking fit at 48, had a good time with all his 'SNL' sketches, reminding viewers of his early glory days on 'In Living Color' when his over-the-top physicality and I'll-try-anything versatility made him a series standout.

And now, Jim Carrey in a tutu.