John EdwardsOnly weeks after his estranged wife's death, rumors flourished that John Edwards was engaged to the woman for which he left her. But according to John's mistress Rielle Hunter's attorney, there's no truth to any tales of a proposal.

Elizabeth Edwards, who was married to John for thirty years, died on December 7th, 2010, after a six-year battle with cancer. John admitted to his extramarital affair with Rielle in 2008, and while John and Elizabeth filed for divorce, the process was never finalized. Many have speculated John's personal indiscretions ultimately cost him his promising political career.

It only worsened his unfavorable public image when reports of John and Rielle planning to marry surfaced so soon after the passing of a woman with whom he had four children. However, ABC News reports that sources close to the Edwards family claim the former Senator is not engaged.