Androgynous Siberian Becomes Face of Marc JacobsFashion designer Marc Jacobs has a vision for his spring line, and it comes, as The Daily Beast writes, in the form of "Cindy Crawford's bone structure, Kate Moss' body" and an Adam's apple. In an in-depth feature, the website delves into the story of Andrej Pejic, the 19-year-old Serbian-Australian, androgynous male model sensation revolutionizing the fashion industry.

"In times of economic prosperity, clients can afford to use people that ... [are] a little more interesting," says Matthew Anderson, manager of Chadwick Models in Melbourne. "We had this really interesting boy on our hands. So we thought, 'Let him finish high school first.' I knew at the time we had someone potentially very big on our hands."

In December, Jacobs officially announced Pejic as the face of his spring campaign, and in an instant, he has become the hottest model in the lead-up to Paris Fashion Week. Pejic is now the biggest name in the "femiman" movement, which aims for androgynous beauty, going on in the fashion industry.