Bristol Palin Calls Out Her Mom's 'Lame Stream Media' RhetoricWhen word caught fire on Monday after a tweet allegedly written by Bristol Palin was posted with the account @Bristol_Palin, appearing to be a direct attack at her mother Sarah Palin, skeptics smelled something like a hoax.

Was it really Bristol? The Village Voice attempted to dissect the truth from the Twitter account and came up with convincing results.

The original suspicious tweet was posted on Sunday as the following, "You are a paid member of the 'lame stream media' you're always referring to, mom. Fire all of your ghost writers and tweet for yourself :(," Bristol, 20, allegedly tweeted.

The account is unverified, so the Village Voice contacted Twitter to confirm the account. While the Voice has not heard back, the paper is hedging its bets that Twitter will soon add a "fake" disclaimer on the alleged Bristol account.