Here's something that may make you feel old: Candace Cameron Bure, aka D.J. Tanner on 'Full House,' is 34 and a mother of three, including a 12-year-old. She's also nearly 25 pounds lighter than she was when she appeared weekly on television. In 'Reshaping It All,' Bure offers readers a motivational guide to eating properly and getting fit. The book includes recipes and reminiscences including her bouts with bulimia, a subject she is now reticent to discuss.

In the book she writes of how as a newlywed, married to NHL player Valeri Bure and living in a new city, she found comfort in food. She binged and "hoping to undo my discomfort and guilt, I would purge." It was this adjustment to newly married life and moving to a new city, she tells PopEater, and not the pressures of stardom that catapulted her eating disorder. In our extended chat, Bure also opens up to us about her deep faith in God, why her big brother quit acting and how she hasn't talked to two of her 'Full House' sisters in years.