Expert: We Should Be More Concerned About Bieber Fever
Over the decades, we've watched teen heartthrobs come and go, and every time, they woo their swooning fans 'til they faint on top of each other. The Beatles running from a maniacal mob of teen girls is an image frozen in time, and the relationship between fan and entertainer has been more or less similar ever since. That is, until Bieber Fever. In contrast to years past, pop stars like Justin Bieber are far more in touch with their fans thanks to Facebook and Twitter. In social media, obsessive followers can cultivate a false, and often dangerous, sense of intimacy that has led to incidents of erratic behavior, like this week's cyber death threats aimed at Bieber's girlfriend.

One child psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Ravitz, senior director of forensic psychiatry at the Child Mind Institute, tells PopEater that this Bieber Fever going around is a hazardous issue, and one to take more seriously.

"Where are the parents? Who is trying to guide these kids?" Dr. Ravitz asks. "Who is telling them to be polite and civil to each other? In a way, it's analogous to terrorism, where the only thing important is your own personal agenda, and if anyone gets in the way of that, you're allowed to do whatever you want to them."