Kanye West Allegedly Staged His 'Banned' Album CoverWe always knew Kanye West had a knack for drama, but we never thought he'd stage it for personal gain. According to a piece in the New Yorker (via Vulture, as the full piece is not online), West asked artist George Condo to design the first controversial album cover for 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' in hopes it would be "banned."

"A couple of weeks before my first visit to Condo's studio, Kanye West, the rapper, asked him to do a painting for the cover of his new album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' " writer Calvin Tomkins recalls in the piece. "West said that he had seen paintings by Condo, and wanted to collaborate with him. According to Condo, he also said that he was looking for 'something that will be banned.' "

Meaning the original album cover, reportedly banned by an unknown entity, may have been nothing more than a publicity stunt.