Media Mogul Arianna Huffington Removed From Plane Over Blackberry FeudWhen airline authorities first made the rule to turn off your cell phones before takeoff, they clearly didn't take into account the impending era of "the CrackBerry." The New York Post reports that Huffington Post founder and media titan Arianna Huffington wasn't quite ready to put her BlackBerry phone down during takeoff for her short flight from Washington, D.C., to NYC over the weekend, prompting a jabber match with a nearby passenger and an escorted removal by security after landing.

"She wouldn't turn off her BlackBerry, even when we pushed back from the gate," one passenger told Valleywag."We took off, and it became apparent that the phone was still on, which very much upset her neighbor."

After the passenger, Ellis Bellodof, 53, repeatedly asked Huffington, 60, to turn her phone off at around 10PM, the two caused a disturbance and were removed from the plane for questioning after landing in New York's LaGuardia Airport. Both were released without charges.