Britney SpearsSince being leaked Monday, Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" is already the iTunes current best-seller. According to Reuters, the single is also already the number 16 most-played track in pop radio. From coast to coast, people are calling in and demanding their favorite pop star's newest hit on their local station!

"In 24 hours, 'Hold It Against Me' instantly shot to number one in station requests," said KISS assistant program director Julie Pilat. "Undoubtedly, Britney is back and on her way to another number one single.

The response to Britney's new song, which ended up being release a day before her label planned, has been overwhelmingly positive. Like many of her chart-topping hits before, the song is part dance track and part easy-listening, a combination that's proven to be a hit for Britney many times before.

The numbers don't lie. She released her first album in 1998, but thirteen years later, we still want more Britney! Check out her hot new single after the jump.