Colin Farrell Suiting Up For 'Total Recall' RemakeHollywood bad boy Colin Farrell is gearing up to fill some pretty big shoes -- Arnold Schwarzenegger's, to be precise.

The Irish actor is scheduled to take over the muscleman's iconic role as secret agent Hauser in a remake of the '90s classic 'Total Recall,' the NY Post reports.

The plot of the remake will be more faithful to that of the Philip K. Dick story, 'We Can Remember It for You Wholesale,' on which the original film was based. But fans can still look forward to plenty of sci-fi slickness from 'Underworld' director Len Wiseman.

Columbia Pictures has hired 'Salt' screenwriter Kurt Wimmer to head writing efforts on the reboot.

While the futuristic subject matter will be maintained, producer Neil Moritz assures fans that they will be able to enjoy the film without too much eye-popping action. "We're not gonna do 'Recall' in 3-D, we decided that it would be too much."