Lady Gaga and RedOneBy now, fans have heard that Lady Gaga announced over New Year's that her incredibly anticipated 'Born This Way' album will be out in May, with the lead single coming Feb. 13. But details about the album are still largely scarce, and the man who knows more about the album than anyone, producer RedOne, won't give much away. "It's the freedom album, and it's too precious to talk about. That's all I'm gonna say," Red told PopEater when we visited him at Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

It's not that the incredibly gracious Grammy nominee for Producer of The Year is trying to hold out; he just doesn't feel it's his place to share information. He says the same thing of the work he's doing right now with U2, and prefers to let the artist speak. But Red is more than happy to talk about his relationship with Gaga, if he could only explain why the two work so well together.