'Hannah Montana' Coming to An End -- We Countdown the Episodes We'd Like to Have SeenIf you hear the chokey echoes of a tortured mass sob reverberating around the world this Sunday, don't worry -- it's just the sound of tweens everywhere mourning the loss of small-screen icon 'Hannah Montana.'

After four years on TV, two movies, eight albums and an incalculable amount of glittery pink merchandise, the Disney Channel hit is ending its run.

Like many of her Disney contemporaries, the show's star, Miley Cyrus, has arguably become more famous in recent years for her behavior off-screen than for her on-camera parts, but she, too, was once a bright-eyed, buck-toothed young starlet making family-friendly fare with all of her clothes on.

So how will it end?

The New York Daily News reports that Hannah/Miley's big finale will center on her character's decision to either attend college or pursue a movie career. Only time will tell which choice she will make, but in the meantime, we review the episodes that should have made it to air.