We hear a lot of whining from celebrities about how they have no privacy, how they can't lives their lives away from the cameras and a prying media and generally how it is just so hard to be them. But some celebrities do have privacy, and Owen Wilson proved this week that living your life away from the cameras is indeed possible.

We learned yesterday that Wilson is about to be a proud papa --- not nine months from now but any day. That means that Wilson has been able to keep girlfriend Jade Duell's pregnancy under wraps for the better part of a year. And it isn't like the actor has been away from the spotlight. He released two big movies in the past two months, the romantic comedy 'How Do You Know?' with Reese Witherspoon and 'Little Fockers.'

Wilson had every opportunity to share his happy news, but he opted to keep his personal life personal, proving that stars can be left alone if that's what they want.

But for most of them, it isn't what they really want.