Conan O'Brien sure can hold a grudge, but I can't say I blame him. The funny man told the AP that while David Letterman reached out to him over the holidays, late night rival Jay Leno did not.

O'Brien told reporters today that he and Letterman have "always been good." The CBS host just wanted to make sure that the past year's TV troubles hadn't created any tension between them.

Leno, who preceded then replaced O'Brien as host of 'The Tonight Show,' made no peace offerings to bring in the new year. "We all know the story," O'Brien said, shortly.

O'Brien's TBS show 'Conan' premiered in November to significant fanfare from his devoted fans, many of whom refer to themsleves as part of Team Coco. Despite this dynamic new late-night forum, rightfully bitter O'Brien still feels some sadness about no longer being a part of NBC, saying, "That company meant a lot to me."

See a clip of O'Brien discussing his Leno feud and NBC dismissal after the break.