Matt LeBlanc Was Skeptical of Playing Himself on Showtime's 'Episodes''Friends' star Matt LeBlanc returned to TV on Sunday night with 'Episodes,' a delightful comedy series on Showtime in which he plays ... himself. Or rather, a fictionalized version of himself as a TV star looking for a comeback vehicle.

LeBlanc, 43, finds a role in a series written by an English couple wooed to recreate their show in the States by an unctuous Hollywood exec. 'Episodes,' created by David Crane ('Friends') and Jeffrey Klarik ('Mad About You'), mercilessly lampoons showbiz, and the onetime Joey Tribbiani is the icing on the cake.

Was the show written before you got on board?
No, David and Jeffrey had an idea and fleshed out a pitch. They called me, told me they had an idea, I listened and I was intrigued with it. My only skepticism was in playing myself. I didn't know what they meant. I didn't mind being the brunt of the joke -- and anyway, that's just in the beginning.

You haven't worked in ages.
Not in four or five years. I've just been taking time off, spending time with my daughter, doing hobbies and seeing friends, just having fun.