Oprah Winfrey is one talk-show queen (and now head of OWN Network) who never shies away from discussing her lifelong battle to maintain a healthy weight.

In an outtake from her interview airing next Monday during the premiere episode of 'Piers Morgan Tonight,' Oprah candidly opens up about one scary movie character that literally caused her to eat her emotions... in the form of cheddar and carbohydrates.

Oprah says that when her film 'Beloved' premiered in 1998, the same weekend as the iconic horror film 'Bride of Chucky,' she knew by early Saturday that the box office had been dominated by the gore-filled flick.

Oprah recalls, "I didn't even know what 'Chucky' was. So, I asked my chef at the time to make some macaroni and cheese... and I ate about 30 pounds worth. I'm not kidding!"