A court battle over the health and financial affairs of R&B icon Etta James has revealed that the 'At Last' singer is gravely ill with leukemia and is suffering from dementia, The Press-Enterprise reports. The news came to light in a civil case between the 72-year-old star's husband and her son, who disagree on who should manage more than $1 million that is being put away for James' home-health costs.

Artis Mills, her husband of 41 years, wants control of the money, but son Donto James is asking the court to assign the duty to a third party, "to avoid present and future family conflict and discrepancies."

James has not performed on stage since early 2010 and caused a stir in 2009 when she went public with her displeasure that she wasn't chosen to sing at President Barack Obama's inauguration. Beyonce Knowles, who portrayed James in a 2008 film, sang 'At Last' instead.