So much baby news to celebrate this season, the latest of which is from the camp of Kate Hudson, where a source confirmed to Us Weekly magazine that Hudson is currently 14 weeks pregnant with boyfriend Matthew Bellamy's baby. Now for this story to hold enough water for Us to publish it, we know this "source" comes from inside Kate's personal camp, probably a publicist or an agent, or perhaps Kate herself. What we're unsure of is why this source opted to reveal the very person detail that this baby was "unplanned," a nice way of saying, "an accident." That's certainly not something most mothers would want living on the Internet in perpetuity about their spawn.

"I was shocked that Kate shared that information. I think she's been watching too much 'Jersey Shore,'" said our own Naughty But Nice columnist Rob Shuter, who after working in magazines for years was still surprised at the language used by camp Hudson this time around.

Whether or not Hudson and Bellamy stay together, their offspring will always be able to go to Google to find out the pair wasn't practicing safe sex in the fall of 2010.