Sometimes things get dirty even for the domestic goddesses among us. Martha Stewart's beloved French bulldog, Francesca, sent the crafty queen to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

TMZ reports that Martha leaned over to "whisper goodbye" to the sleeping pup. Martha assumes she "startled" the dog, because Francesca shot upward and hit Martha in the face, busting open her lip.

Martha says she "felt a bit of whiplash as blood gushed forth from [her] split lip." Unable to stop the bleeding herself, Martha called the police for a ride to hospital. She then remembered she had her own driver on standby, who was able to get her to the emergency room.

She received nine stiches to close up the bloody gash on her upper lip. Let's hope her doctor sewed that wound up precisely -- Martha's an expert seamstress and undoubtedly inspected the M.D.'s work.