Taylor Swift Releases 'Back to December' Video -- Why We Think It's About Taylor LautnerTaylor Swift's video 'Back to December' hit the web today, and just as we suspected, the country cutie has dropped in plenty of hints about just who she penned the heartbreaking hit about.

Swift has a habit of writing songs about her relationships -- 'Forever and Always' and 'Dear John' are supposedly about her romances with Joe Jonas and John Mayer, respectively. Rumors say Swift wrote the tune, 'Back to December,' about her former flame Taylor Lautner, who she met on the set of 'Valentine's Day.'

'Back to December' itself has plenty of clues that the song is about Lautner. The song's title is reportedly a reference to the couple's December 2009 split, and Swift's lyrics describe "tan skin" and a "sweet smile" that seem to match Lautner's hunky looks, in addition to referencing the month of September, when the couple reportedly began their romance.

Swift, who admitted that the song is "A first for me, in that I've never apologized to someone in a song before," uses the video's stunning imagery to paint a pretty clear picture that she's sorry about what happened with the 'Twilight' star and maybe leave a few hints that she wants him back.

After the jump, we list our reasons why the video's a clear Taylor-to-Taylor message.