Mel Gibson and his beaver are headed to Texas.

No, that's not slang for something dirty. 'The Beaver,' Academy Award winner Gibson's feature film, will premiere at the Austin, Texas, international film festival, South by Southwest. AP reports that 'The Beaver' will be one of five films premiering there this March.

Jodie Foster directed and co-starred in the quirky movie, which features Gibson's character developing an unusual relationship with a beaver puppet he created to help separate the whirlwind stresses of his life.

This July, Gibson was dropped by his talent agency in light of domestic violence allegations. The actor has maintained a low profile since the incident, which was one of many since 1991 that have all but mauled his public image. An appearance at 'The Beaver's' premiere would be a big step for Gibson, although his current publicist is unsure whether the actor will attend. Check out the trailer for 'The Beaver' after the jump.