ben stillerDerek Zoolander knew there had to be more to life than being "really, really ridiculously good looking."

The vain yet lovable male model, played by Ben Stiller, is making his comeback in the the 2001 film's sequel.

Stiller told The Sun that in addition to himself, Owen Wilson will return as Hansel, Zoolander's runway rival, and that Will Ferrell "is written into the script, and has expressed interest in doing (the film)."

'Zoolander 2' won't pick up from right where the original left off. "I dont want to give away too much," Stiller said. "But it's basically Derek and Hansel ten years later. Though the last movie ended on a happy note, a lot of things have happened in the meantime.

Stiller notes that the male models' lives have changed, and they're "not really relevant anymore" in the world of runway modeling. He explained that 'Zoolander 2's' sequel is currently in the hands of a movie studio, and the actors are at a point where theyre "waiting to see what they want to do."