For anyone who's ever had a little too much drink and suffered a lot the next day, the 2009 comedy 'The Hangover' hits close to home.

And while the hilarious film's highly anticipated sequel won't be in theaters until May 26, 'The Office' star Ed Helms told Access Hollywood "it's insane."

Ed confirmed the filming of the sequel wrapped last week after two months of shooting overseas in Thailand's hot, tropical climate.

"The movie was so hard to make because working in Thailand is so hot, it's all guys, real like, aggressive, hard energy. It's like 95 degrees, 95 percent humidity, all the time," he said. "But it's awesome, you know what I mean? It's intense and hi-lar-i-ous."

'The Hangover 2' is structured around Ed's character, Stu Price. Stu and his buddies are celebrating the type-A dentist's bachelor party in Thailand. Ed dispelled the idea that it was his character's movie alone, saying, "It's Alan and Mike [Tyson] and everybody- the whole gang."

Mike Tyson will indeed be back for a cameo, and Ed described the boxer as "an iron teddy bear on set."