Michael StipeDon't expect to cross paths with Michael Stipe on your next camping trip. R.E.M.'s frontman revealed that he developed a fear of the outdoors after a near-death experience during an adolescent trip with the Boy Scouts.

"I nearly died at 14," Stipe told the New York Post of the traumatic incident. "I was a Boy Scout lost on top of a mountain. It was very cold, wet and horrific. My father thought I was dead. First stage of hypothermia is uncontrollable shivers," he added. "Then, hallucinations. Then you fall asleep -- then you're gone. I had the first two stages."

Stipe says the frightening ordeal resulted in a form of agoraphobia that he has been living with ever since. "When I got home I went inside and almost never came out," he told gossip columnist Cindy Adams. "I've since developed a fear of the outdoors."