Barry Manilow posed after his show at Paris Las Vegas on Jan 7th with the 2011 Miss America contestants, whom will vie for the coveted title on Saturday. The women attended his show as part of their pre-pageant publicity.

There she is, Miss America. The question is, will anyone notice?

Those in charge are convinced that this is the year that the iconic but long-beleaguered beauty pageant re-establishes its rightful place in the nation's consciousness as it returns triumphantly to network TV on Saturday for its 90th strut after five years in the cable wilderness. ABC's live broadcast will begin at 9PM EST.

"America loves a comeback story," Sam Haskell, chairman of the Miss America Organization, told AOL News. "When you figure out how education and scholarship and talent and service are all put in the forefront, there was nothing to do but come back."