Oh, oh, oh, oh oh my gosh. Usher is not having a good week.

CNN reports that the R&B star was forced to cancel his Wednesday concert in Berlin at the last minute due to an upper respiratory illness.

"I was ill and felt that I would not have been able to give that show that you all properly deserve," Usher Tweeted. The show was rescheduled for Thursday, but Justin Bieber's mentor wasn't out of the woods just yet.

The singer lip-synched his first two hits and danced poorly to them, according to a local Berlin tabloid. German fans began to boo. Usher reportedly lowered his head and stood silently on the stage for about four minutes before walking off the stage.

The stage lights then came on, and fans were told Usher was too sick to continue the show.

Trying to fight off sickness is what his reps say has been "preventing him from performing a proper show."