'Get Him the Greek' star Jonah Hill wants Johnny Depp to get back to his roots.

Depp rocketed to fame in the late-'80s on '21 Jump Street,' one of the original series to air on Fox during the years when the network was just starting out. Now that Hill has written a new take on the hit show about cops working undercover in a high school, he's been issuing a 'Depp Wanted' casting call to bring the A-list star on board.

Not that Depp, 47, will recognize much about the new film version -- according to 27-year-old Hill, "It's an entirely new imagination of what '21 Jump Street' is." He added, when describing his script to MTV News recently, "We're not doing a spoof whatsoever."

When asked for an update at Friday's Critics' Choice Awards, Hill confirmed that filming will begin April 11 in the Big Easy. "I'm excited. I've never been to New Orleans before." But has Depp's participation been locked up?