Ricky GervaisPop-Ed: We love a good joke at Hollywood's expense. Heck, we like lots of good jokes at Hollywood's expense. But at last night's Golden Globes, even we felt a little yucky when Ricky Gervais stuck his toe on the line of good taste and then decided to dive headfirst right over it.

Gervais started out by ripping into Charlie Sheen, admittedly an easy target, so easy that those jokes about Sheen being drunk by breakfast were given a pass. Who among us hasn't laid into Sheen these past few months? It was an ample way to start.

But then Ricky went after a weaker target, 'The Tourist.' Sure it was a critical and commercial bomb, but Johnny and Angie aren't exactly the kind of stars who laugh along with the joke. "I haven't even seen 'The Tourist,'" Gervais said. "Who has?"

He then dug into the Hollywood Foreign Press (his hosts for the evening) for allegedly nominating 'Burlesque' after being bribed with tickets to a Cher concert. He continued by mocking Cher herself, saying it wasn't a halfway decent bribe anyway because no one has wanted to go to a Cher concert since 1975. Dude, what did Cher of all people ever do to you, Ricky? Watch the monologue after the jump.