Christina HendricksMany have compared voluptuous Christina Hendricks to Marilyn Monroe, but for Hendricks, diamonds were surely not a girl's best friend at the Golden Globe Awards.

The 'Mad Men' star lost an $850,000 diamond bracelet on the red carpet, according to the NY Post. The bracelet was one of two loaned to Hendricks for the evening by Chopard, and the redhead beauty was appalled to discover her jewels had slipped off.

Once Hendricks was inside the ballroom, the actress allegedly panicked, asking everyone around her if they'd seen an errant diamond bracelet. As the stars were encouraged to take their seats before the start of the show, Hendricks scurried back to the red carpet to search for her missing bracelet.

Hendricks was one lucky lady, because an event worker outside found the bracelet and returned it to the star. She returned to her table inside the ballroom, but found the bracelet's clasp was too tricky to safely fasten.