George Watsky rapSome MCs focus on wordplay when they rhyme, while others have a need for speed. George Watsky, a rapper who spits rhymes faster than Speed Racer drives, is burning up web traffic with more than 135,000 hits in one day thanks to a hot post on Reddit.

Originally raised in San Francisco and currently based in LA, 23-year-old Watsky, now known to the Internet as "Pale Kid Raps Fast," was originally discovered on the sixth season of 'Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry' and crowned the 2006 Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Champion.

He's not all speed though -- he also swags with the style of goofy lyrics that launched Bo Burnham to viral stardom with smash-hit 'I'm Bo Yo,' notching more than 14 million hits since 2008.

In Watsky's viral debut, he lays it down with his black cat, rapping about everything from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to babies working their cribs. See Watsky's hilarious rap video after the jump!