Listening to Oscar frontrunner Natalie Portman's best actress acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards, it became all too clear that the glowing starlet got a lot more out of the 'Black Swan' experience than just a hit film. In 'Swan,' Portman found not only the role of a lifetime, she also met the man who would become her fiance and father her child, French ballet dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

While the actress certainly isn't the first Hollywood star to start a relationship on-set -- doesn't it seem like most actors find love (or something like it) while filming? -- Portman can lay claim to being one of the few experiencing the best of both worlds: Not only is her film a career-defining smash, earning her the best reviews of her 16-year film career, her relationship with Millepied looks like the real deal.

Only a handful of other stars can point to one film as a game-changer the way Portman can. Find out who else fell in love (and stayed that way) on the set of a career-defining film, after the jump.