Oprah WinfreyIn the inaugural interview on 'Piers Morgan Tonight', which aired Monday night, talk show queen and OWN Network head Oprah Winfrey revealed she contemplated suicide at age 14 when she discovered she was pregnant.

Winfrey discussed how she made bad choices in her youth as a result of not having boundaries, along with the sexual abuse that took place from when she was age 9 until 13. Winfrey revealed that she was a promiscuous teenager and upon finding out that she was pregnant at age 14, she said, "I thought, 'Before the baby was born, I'm going to have to kill myself.'"

When Morgan asked, "Did you really (contemplate suicide)?" Winfrey replied, "Oh, for sure."

She also said that she felt no connection whatsoever to the baby that she had lost. Watch a video of the interview after the jump.