There may be no other TV series that has been written about as much as 'American Idol.' The show that helped pave the way for reality television to become a lasting genre has changed the entire TV landscape and the very nature of stardom. What began as a copycat of a British singing talent competition called 'Popstars' became a pop culture phenomenon unlike nothing that had been seen before.

But since we've turned into an 'Idol'-saturated society, what more is there to say about the Fox hit? Aside from reporting on the progress of each season's contestants, the periodic scandals, the judge shuffle and the day-to-day dramas, there isn't really enough for another entire book about it, is there?

Apparently there is. And its author, Los Angeles Times 'Idol' writer Richard Rushfield, is even so bold as to call his 'The Untold Story.' Untold, indeed. With all the ink spilled on the reality TV sensation, how could that be possibly true?

"There's so much we see, but there's so much that has been untold -- what really goes on behind the scenes and into the making of it, and how it affects the lives of the people involved," Rushfield tells PopEater. "It's an amazing glimpse of what goes on backstage at 'Idol' and the pressures. How 'Idol' came into being has never been told."