BanskyIn what smells like a colossal prank, an eBay seller is claiming to have uncovered the U.K. street artist Banksy's identity and is auctioning it off for a hefty sum.

What started as a $3,000 bid has amounted to almost a million dollars for a piece of paper containing Banksy's legal name. The artist/activist has remained largely an underground phenomenon until his film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' -- "the world's first street art disaster movie" -- which fascinated audiences because of its hoax angle.

Seller jaybuysthings writes in his auction listing (which has since been removed for a second time), "I have uncovered [Banksy's] identity by matching up the prices of his sold pieces to corresponding tax records. I will reveal no more details ... I give you 100% assurance that it is most certainly the full name of the street artist known as 'Banksy.'"