J-Woww'Jersey Shore' starlet Jenni "JWoww" Farley is 20 pounds lighter and ready to flaunt it by posing in a bikini.

"I can fit into the jeans I wore when I was 21!" she proudly exclaims to Life & Style.

"Overall, my body's gotten tighter and more toned," she adds of her physique.

JWoww says that this "is me coming out of my shell."

"I want to go back to where I was until I was 21. I was running 3 and a half miles a day, and I looked amazing. I was very, very health-conscious. And I'd never had a drink."

Her reality TV lifestyle wasn't conducive to weight loss so she changed her ways, only ordering "vodka-seltzer, no cranberry, nothing fruity."

"I drank things that wouldn't induce a hangover so I could stick with the gym. It was hard, but it was worth it," she explains.