Kimora LeeKimora Lee is back with another season of 'Life in the Fab Lane' on the Style Network. The mother of three, who lives in Los Angeles with actor Djimon Hounsou, their young son Kenzo and her daughters Ming and Aoki (with ex-husband Russell Simmons), may have left her clothing company Baby Phat, but she still has seemingly dozens of other projects and businesses to work on. The ex-model, who coined the word "fabulousity," spoke to PopEater about the new season, her "mini mogul" daughters and her obsession with her 1 1/2-year-old son's penis (seriously!).

Kimora, exactly how does one achieve "fabulousity"?
I think it's an idea that I developed and it's from inside out. It kind of has a cult following. Even Oprah used it in Vogue when she described her night at the Met ball as an evening of "full on fabulousity." For Oprah to be using the word you coined is a big deal. It's a state of being; it's a state of thinking. It embodies self confidence and fearlessness and a lovely smile, and it's really from inside out. I think people are really starting to get that. It's about poise and elegance and a humility that really makes you fabulous.