Mark FeuersteinThe delightful comedy series 'Royal Pains' returns tonight on the USA Network. It stars Mark Feuerstein as Hank Lawson, the doctor-on-demand in the ritzy Hamptons area of Long Island.

Feuerstein, who every girl in the world recognizes as the guy who couldn't satisfy Miranda in 'Sex and the City,' is happily married to Dana Klein and the father of Lila, 4, Frisco, 2, and Addie, 1. Last year Addie was discovered to be suffering from ALCAPA, an extremely rare heart defect found in fewer than one out of every 10,000 live births in the United States. Short for Anomalous Left Coronary from the Pulmonary Artery, it's caused by improperly connected blood vessels in a baby's heart. The 39-year-old dad says it was the "most challenging experience" of his life.

Mark Feuerstein talked about 'Royal Pains' and went pretty deep with PopEater. Check it out.

So shooting in the Hamptons in the summer? What a hardship.
You're funny.

I assume you stay in some nice places.
It's not nearly as nice as the places we shoot in. We stay in the South Hampton Inn, which is your typical motel.