Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi says that her ex husband, documentary filmmaker Mel Metcalfe, left her, broke up her brother's marriage and ran off with his wife. The actress gives the details in her new memoir, 'Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain.'

De Rossi was married to Metcalf between 1996 and 1999, and she reveals in the book how she hit rock bottom when her husband left her and got together with her elder brother Michael Rogers' wife, Renee Kappos.

The Daily Mail reports de Rossi saying in the book, "When my husband left me, my brother moved into my place ... My husband ran off with his wife, so we kept each other company and we liked to go out for margaritas and Mexican food to commiserate."

De Rossi also says the signs were there of the growing relationship between Metcalf and Kappos.

"The fact that Renee would wear skimpy, lacy underwear clearly visible underneath her oversized, gaping overalls should have indicated to my brother and me that a personal partnership was also forming."