For the first time ever, Beatles' legend John Lennon's personal letters will be made public. The collection of letters will be published in October 2012, according to the Guardian.

The rights to Lennon's personal musings were purchased by London-based Orion books. There are about 150 letters in total that the iconic musician wrote over the years to friends, fans and business associates. It was Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, who sold over the rights to the publisher. She was persuaded to sell the letters by the Beatles' biographer Hunter Davis.

The letters are said to provide unparalleled access to Lennon's thoughts. The publisher paid between £500,000 to £1 million, or somewhere in the neighborhood of $1-2 million in US dollars.

Alan Samson, the buyer at Orion books, said, "These letters have never been collected in one place before, and for the most part they have never been seen before. The other reason people have gone crazy for it is the fact that there are half a dozen icons of the 20th century--Marilyn Monroe, Kennedy, Elvis-- and Lennon is one of them."