Joan Rivers isn't known for her tactfulness or sensitivity. But one joke about First Lady Michelle Obama was too racy even for Joan, and the outspoken comedienne pulled it from her stand-up routine.

Joan told scandal-loving Howard Stern that she pulled a joke about the First Lady for fear of being accused of racism. "We used to have Jackie O," she said. "Now we have Blackie O!"

Joan said she meant the nickname as a term of endearment for Michelle, alluding to her noteworthy fashion sense and stylistic resemblance to another iconic First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

"I thought it was a funny complimentary joke when she first came [to the White House]," she told Howard.

The shock jock's sidekick, Robyn Quivers, laughed but asked Joan, "Where's the compliment in that? I'm looking and I'm looking, I'm trying to find it."